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Piano is one of the most iconic and magical instrument. Over the centuries people are enjoying playing this musical instrument in many events and functions. It’s true that piano is very different musical instrument as compare to other instrument, but music experts also believes that it is hard to learn as well because it is very intuitive instrument. In earlier times, people use to go for music classes to learn this beautiful instrument but now in digital technology it is easily available on internet. There are lots of online videos available in on Piano and How to play it but despite that Robin Hall has created a product for Piano lovers named “Piano for all”, in which he claims that it’s the fastest way to learn Piano.

PianoForAll Review – Learn To Play Piano Online

Well, this amazing product is created by Robin Hall. He himself is a travelling pianist and also one of the most successful Irish cartoonist.
learn to play piano keyboardThe multi-talented Robin played piano at various events and later he turned his piano passion into a revenue generating business.

If you want to encourage your piano music passion or you are wondering to make your career in piano music then I think you won’t get
better coach than the Robin Hall. Robin Hall has explained many things regarding the piano music in this product.

Do You Need to Be a Pro or Does Piano for All Work for Newbies Too?

Seriously, I think everyone should give this course one try. There are 11 Ebooks (including video and audio embeds too) and every book contains some of the valuable information regarding the piano music.

11 Ebooks Of PianoForAll:

  1. Party Time – Rhythm Piano (93 Pages)learn to play the piano online
  2. Blues & Rock ‘n’ Roll (21 Pages)
  3. Chord Magic (32 Pages)
  4. Advanced Chords (26 Pages)
  5. Ballad Style (66 Pages)
  6. Jazz Piano Made Easy (86 pages)
  7. Advanced Blues and Fake Stride (60 pages)
  8. Taming the Classics (71 pages)
  9. Speed Learning (120 pages)
  10. Bumper Resource Book (33 pages)
  11. Extra Bonus Book – Increase Your Creative Ability 400% (40 pages)

learn how to play piano online

Above enlisted 11 Ebooks are enough to make you a good pianist and also it includes some helpful memorization tips that’s helps you to overcome from the technical problems.

Still, it’s fun to play songs that are popular today rather than songs that were popular 100 years ago…I’m talking to you, jr. high and high
school band teachers all over America.

Is it Easy to Learn? – Robin Hall’s Pianoforall 

The Pianoforall product contains Ebooks, videos and audios, so the creator Robin Hall has taken care of all kind of learners.

Well, for the text readers there are PDF files and for the book lovers there are physical copies available.

Overall, Piano for all review is good but there are some negative points that should be improve ASAP. Like, when opening the PDF-embedded videos, its compulsory to download the required plugin which is quite annoyance.

To look it more impressive, Robin Hall could have invested more on video quality. There is 7 hrs. of video in your lessons which may look more better with great quality.

Well, it wouldn’t be good if we keep blaming him too much for such products.

Actually, Robin Hall is only the person who created this amazing thing for music lovers.

Appreciate it

The conclusion of Piano for all review is quite amazing and good series.any-device

The information is well defined and explained and definitely you will enjoy it.

But before investing your valuable money on this product, promise yourself that you will implement all the given techniques daily.

If you spend daily 20 minutes then you will surely get good results.

So Should You Buy Pianoforall?

Honestly, I looked at several other online piano lessons when I wrote this review. Some things simply won’t change from lesson to lesson. Piano is piano, and no matter who you go with, you’re going to learn scales, chords, notes, basic theory, and other fundamentals.

The difference lies in HOW the information is introduced. Robin Hall’s Pianoforall gets it right with his chord, genre and fun song-centric lessons. It’s a cheap, fun series with an incredible wealth of information to offer.

Pianoforall will get you pounding out music and impressing your friends in a very short time.

You can click below to buy Piano for all and have it downloaded in 5 minutes or less to start learning how to play from the comfort of your home.

Learn More At The Official Website

 learn to play the piano online


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