Breathing For Singing. Does Breathing Really Essential For Singing?

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Why is Breathing for singing so essential? Since without breath, without air, we have no voice… we have no stable!

We require breath with a specific end goal to create the sound that is our voice. This is the reason most vocal educators would underscore on breath training right from the earliest starting point, putting students through rigorous breath training in order to build a good strong foundation for singing.

In any case, before we proceed onward to even the most basic of our breathing exercise, we have to first know how to execute great breathing for singing. This would include a specific muscle in our body called the Diaphragm, and in addition other supporting muscles around the diaphragm.

Our diaphragm is really a thin sheet of muscle isolating our rib cage from whatever remains of our organs beneath it (including our stomach and intestines). Its function is to regulate the flow of air in our body, by contracting and relaxing whenever we inhale and exhale respectively.

You may have seen at this point, you can’t generally control your diaphragm when you breathe. It moves automatically, which means you can’t instruct it to go up or go down like other muscles like your biceps or triceps. What you can do however, is to breathe in and breathe out, and this causes the stomach to diaphragm and unwind consequently.

Anyway, how would we practice our breathing activities on the off chance that we can’t control how our diaphragm moves? We can control the muscles encompassing the diaphragm, to be specific the inter-coastal muscles around our ribs, and in addition our abdominal muscles. These muscles are under our cognizant control, and we will practising some fundamental activities for these muscles when we do our breathing exercises for singing.  If you want to be a  professionally become a good singer then it’s worth to watch review of Superior Singing Method By Aaron Anastasi

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Now, let’s begin by first drawing in a deep breath of air!

Imagine that you are sucking in a strand of noodle (for instance, when we are eating Japanese Ramen.. we have to suck the noodles noisily… ) or sucking a full breath of air through a little straw, and releasing the air straightforwardly into your abdominal area. Attempt it now and feel the air being drawn into our abdominal area, moving downwards and also side-wards. Obviously, our air does not really enter our stomach when we breathe. This is just for representation and instructional purposes! (For those who do not know, the air goes into our lungs )

Some important points to note: Our shoulders and chest area should be relaxed when we inhale. If we find that our chest area lifts up high or our shoulders are raised when we inhale, then just rest both hands on your chest and repeat the inhalation exercise with our hands resting on a stationery chest.

Raising our chest and shoulders is a common habit, but it really causes us to draw a shallow breath, and this creates problems later when we need more breath to support our singing, especially for high notes or for long phrases in a song.

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